Second-Hand Birthday Party??

During the holidays my youngest daughter had her 5th birthday party. She chose a Beach Theme and with some ‘pinspiration’ and  some good old charity shop shopping we were able to make it happen.

I picked up four Hawaiin garlands (or Lei as I learnt) from the Oxfam shop. The party girl and sisters wore these to greet guests who then worked at our kitchen table to make their own garlands, or fish themed clothes pegs. We were very lucky that the day before the Year 6 Leavers’ Play had used a handmade Palm Tree as part of their scenery. I was able to borrow this huge tree (not pictured) and place it outside our house so that there would be no mistake as to where the party was at. Guests were also encouraged to come wearing beach clothes and sunglasses to add to theme. Party games included Pin the Tail on the Mermaid and Musical Beach Towels, as well as a bunch of five year olds trying to do the limbo!!

I  had  also had another flash of charity shop inspiration in the PDSA shop. Their summer window display consisted of about eight plastic spades (all donated) on a bed of sand. So I asked the puzzled shop assistant if I could buy all the spades and used them as the main component of the party gift. I added some sweets and cellophane wrapper ( not so green I know), added a luggage label as a thank you and we handed them out at the end of the party. Thankfully the spades didn’t look too tatty and I hope they got lots of use during the summer holidays that followed.