Jumble Sale Haul

I wrote here about the impending school jumble sale which was held a couple of weeks ago. Life has been v busy since but I thought it was about time to reveal what I had picked up for myself at the sale.

While I have decided to take a break from the capsule wardrobe programme, Project 333, I have still tried to be very thoughtful when picking up new (to me) clothing. It’s very easy at Jumble Sales to grab vast handfuls of clothing and take it all home, only for the majority of it to stay at the back of the wardrobe. While I know that this unworn clothing can be donated to charity shops I would prefer not to take it in the first place.

So after much deliberation I came home with just three items of clothing:

Jumble Sale Haul


I did also pick up this scarf. I am rather partial to orange (see here) and I thought it had such a great print on it. I will definitely be wearing it as an accompaniment to my orange coat – or as a contrast with my cobalt blue jeans and jumper.

Jumble Sale Haul

I also picked up this small collection of books for the family:

Jumble Sale haul: books

My youngest daughter is really into the ‘Naughty Amelia Jane’ books so I was really lucky to pick up this complete set. My husband had already ordered ‘The Buried Giant’ from the local library but for the sake of 20p I bought this edition for him. The next novel we are reading for Book Group is ‘The Rosie Project’ so imagine my delight at getting hold of a good-as-new copy. Finally, I was intrigued by the Pat Barker book. I always associate her with World War One novels and was fascinated to find this Virago paperback, published in 1982 but set in 1973. It is her debut novel and focuses on working class life during a period of industrial unrest and, in particular, the lives of seven women living on the same street.  Having been born at the beginning of the 1970s I find that, as I get older, this decade seems so distant and really of another era. I shall be fascinated to read this novel.

(PS The school Jumble Sale raised £1200 – the best fundraiser of the school year!)