children’s sewing kit and other second-hand, and handmade, Christmas gifts.

Homemade Christmas biscuits

Well, we had a lovely family-centred Christmas weekend here: just the five of us. We took part in many of our family and village traditions: children’s Crib Service at church on Christmas Eve, followed by party at a friend’s house. On Christmas Day we met friends for a drink in the village pub and returned home to a (not so traditional) Christmas lunch of beef, and Mushroom Wellington for our vegetarian. Yesterday (Boxing Day) we went on a family walk and saw some non-traditional daffodils and daisies in bloom!

One of our other Christmas traditions seems to be the giving of second-hand gifts. This is the pile of books I bought my immediate family:

second-hand books for Christmas

I picked up some good as new books specifically for the girls, ranging from teen fiction (the ‘Shiver’ series and ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) to a classic from my childhood (‘Theatre Shoes’) and a second ‘Judy Moody’ book for my youngest. I also picked up a second-hand copy of the Usborne Pocket Guide to Ancient Rome as she will be studying the Romans next term at school.

second-hand book pile

I also bought these two books for my husband, as well as two second-hand shirts which seem to have gone down well:

The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb; Wildwood by Roger Deakin

I had planned to make a small gift of sewing supplies for my eldest daughter who will be studying Textiles next year at school. I went to a wonderful fabric shop, The Makery, and picked out some fabric squares and buttons and ribbon. From a market stall I also bought some small scissors, needles and pins. Then, by complete chance, I came across this small sewing box in the Dorothy House shop:


Although it was slightly stained I gave it a clean and added the supplies to it:

sewing kit

second-hand sewing box

She was delighted with it!

As for me – I received a few special gifts, although ironically none of them were second-hand (there wasn’t really much that I wanted as I’ve only just celebrated my birthday). We were also lucky enough to be given some lovely homemade goodies from friends and family including the beautiful Christmas cookies seen above.

This Christmas I have failed to make anything and – having gone over budget on a few presents – I’m determined to cut down and make more for Christmas 2016.

Hope your festive break has been as relaxing and enjoyable as ours.