(Second-hand) Record Store Day in Bristol

Saturday saw the seventh Record Store Day take place in the UK, a celebration of independent record shops with events, special releases and more. As you may know we acquired a new record player at Christmas and have been hunting for vinyl ever since. So, on a rare Saturday off we took a trip to Bristol for a little second-hand window shopping and a visit to the fabled Rise Records in Clifton.

Rise had a number of events, including live bands performing throughout the day.  While I felt older than most of the hip twenty somethings in the store it was great to have a browse through the vinyl. I felt rather smug spotting a couple of Beatles albums which we have at home (inherited from my parents). I was also on the hunt for a couple of classic albums: Carole King’s ‘Tapestry’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’. The former was on sale at Rise but £20 is a little more than I can afford.

As the shop was very busy, and the live music a little loud for our young offspring, we didn’t stay long. Husband and I plan to take a trip to Rise another day when the kids are at school.  As we were in Clifton (posh Bristol) and the trendy Park Street it did seem only polite to have a rummage through the charity shops too.

Youngest daughter picked up a picture book in the Oxfam Bookshop in Clifton village:


We also made a few purchases at the vintage-themed Shelter shop. While there were a few items of clothing I was tempted by I kept my purse in my pocket while husband splurged on a t-shirt and the girls bought a Rubik’s Cube:

We also ventured into the Oxfam Boutique on Park Street but it was at the Sue Ryder shop a few doors down that we made our best purchase. On Record Store Day we picked up two second-hand albums that were new (to the store anyway) that day and cost £1.50 each. The girls have been listening to Simon & Garfunkel and I was gutted that I had got rid of my parents’ copy of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. One of my earliest memories is listening to this album and, as a teenager, I rediscovered it and played it continuously in my bedroom. So imagine my delight in finding it once more in Bristol. I also picked up the Tears for Fears album, ‘Songs from the Big Chair’. I remember this being a huge record at the time and have been recently listening to their earlier stuff.


So having made our purchases we headed for home, got the record player out and listened to our vinyl.