Slow Fashion Challenge: the month in review

It’s over… For the past month I have been following the challenge set by Zoe at eco thrify living  to ‘slow down fashion’. I had personally started to question the cheapness of clothing and the throwaway nature that ‘fast fashion’ fosters. So Zoe’s challenge came at the right time for me. Ironically a brand new Primark store will be opening in my hometown next month, just as all us ‘slow fashionistas’ have come to the end of our fashion fast.

The Slow Fashion challenge had different elements to it but  I stuck to the simple challenge of limiting my wardrobe.

I would say that my wardrobe is rather limited anyway. The majority of my clothing is also second-hand but I liked Zoe’s take on not splurging at charity shops just because something is cheap.

Looking at the very basic tally I made I wore 21 different items of clothing. This, of course, didn’t include underwear and I did slightly cheat as I had two camping trips this month but haven’t included my two fleecy tops which I count as essential outerwear. I also resricted myself to 4 pairs of shoes and resisted the urge to buy a new pair of sandals which I desperately needed.

The top five items that I wore to death this month were:

5. Green jumper

4. Black dress

3. Blue cardigan

2. Green tunic dress

1. Jeans

There were a couple of things I learnt from doing this challenge:

1) Although I thought I had a small wardrobe anyway I realised there were things that I could do without and could look at making it even smaller.

2) When you have less choice it is far easier to get ready in the mornings.

Also, despite my fears of wearing the same item too many times nobody commented on it. This made me think about how we are conditioned to worry about ‘wearing the same thing twice’ which may be the driver for fast fashion in the first place…





Slow Fashion Challenge: Week Four (A cheat)

I confess I have started to cheat a little in the SlowFashion Challenge organised by  eco thrifty living blog. Over the past seven days I have rediscovered a few little summer dresses from last year and, as it has been so bloomin’ hot, I have started to wear them. Plus the purple 3/4 length cardi (as below) which really comes into its own when the weather heats up but I still need something warmer in the mornings.


BUT all of the ‘new’ items I have introduced to this month’s Slow Fashion challenge are second-hand. And I have resisted buying anything new, or second-hand, this month, although there are some things I am now desperate for…

Slow Fashion Challenge: Week Three (wearing trousers again)

Okay so the weather has been really good recently. Coupled with that and my limited wardrobe for the eco thrifty blog’s Slow Fashion Month means I’ve just not been wearing trousers. It’s either been my well-loved jeans (usually rolled to pedal pusher length), my blue leggings or a dress of some sort. Today the weather was a little cooler and so I put on the brown cords I wore at the beginning of the month (also the jeans were in the wash). It felt slightly odd to have all my legs covered, rather like the feeling you get when you come back to the UK after a holiday abroad somewhere warmer.


As I’ve now reached half way in the month long challenge I thought I’d do a quick tally of what I’ve been wearing:

Jeans: 6 days

Green Jumper/Black Dress: 5 days

Leggings/Blue Cardigan/Green Tunic Dress: 4 days

Orange Dress: 3 days

And a small assortment of four different tops, one pair of shorts and another pair of trousers.

What I’ve noticed while doing this challenge is how lazy I’ve become. It really is easy to get up in the morning, briefly look at the small choice of clothes I have and select an outfit. It’s even easier on days when I’m not working, although I do have to make sure the clothes are washed on a regular basis. There are some outfits that I am looking forward to wearing next month, especially if the warm weather continues and I can bring out my entire summer wardrobe.I have sort of cheated by adopting a couple of new items over the past even days but as I know I’ll wear them again before the end of the month I don’t think that’s too bad.



Happy Anniversary!

My husband and I have just celebrated 15 years (!) of married life. Apparently this is our Crystal Anniversary. So, as I’m the last of the big spenders, I popped out to a local charity shop and picked up this rather fetching brandy glass for £1:


We don’t even drink brandy but it may become a handy small flower vase/tea light holder. (For our anniversary meal down the pub I wore those jeans again, which have now been worn six days out of 12 for Slow Fashion Month)

Slow Fashion challenge: Week Two (well-loved jeans and the ’emergency black dress’)

I have been taking a very loose tally of what I have been wearing over the past seven days as I follow the Eco Thrifty Living challenge to slow down what I wear. I have been trying to limit what I wear and get more use out of a handful of garments. I have been working over the past few days and so have attempted to wear slightly smarter clothes. So this black dress has had a few more outings than normal:


I picked this up at clothes swap party I organised a few years ago. While it wouldn’t have been my first choice I knew that I needed what a friend referred to as a ‘funeral dress’. In fact I had to borrow her own black dress to wear to a funeral only a few weeks’ before. I would like to actually rename this the ’emergency black dress’, rather than Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’. It’s really a very hard working dress as it doesn’t crease, can be warm in warm and cooler weather and always looks smart, whatever the occasion.

The other item of clothing that has seen a lot of use over the past nine days is my much loved and mended pair of jeans. Only last month I learnt how to patch these jeans at the knee (they have since had to be patched again). While I know I should replace them these jeans are comfy, go with everything and are probably the best definition of slow fashion in my wardrobe. They were bought brand new about five years ago from a High Street store and, despite the worn knees, have been very good to me. I have worn them over the past week with: white shirt, orange dress and my faithful green tunic three times (as pictured).



What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe?

The other day my daughters were looking at some old photos of me from eighteen years ago when one of them commented: “That’s the same jumper mummy wears now!”
It was indeed my old favourite red jumper. Every winter it comes out to add warmth and a splash of colour to whatever I’m wearing. I have to admit I hadn’t realised it was quite so old! But it still fits, has never needed mending and keeps me warm so it’s not going anytime soon
What’s the oldest thing hanging in your wardrobe that you still wear?


Day Two: slow fashion challenge

Today is Day Two of this month’s challenge from the eco thrifty living blog. It’s all about Slow Fashion and I’m trying to really think about what I wear, how it doesn’t matter if you put on the same thing two or three days in a row and how we can get away from cheap ‘disposable’ fashion.

For the second day I’ve put on the same green dress and jumper. It’s funny because when I’m on holiday I pride myself in packing a really small number of clothes to wear in lots of different ways (otherwise known as a capsule wardrobe). However at home I feel scruffy if I wear the same outfit on two consecutive days ( what will other mums think on the school run? What if I start to smell!). I also have the challenge of working in a public space for five consecutive days this week. Normally I only work one day a week there and struggle to wear something different each time. But, really, do people even notice? And what does it matter if they do?