Sofa Saga Part Two

You may remember that last month we hastily got rid of our sofas, in the anticipation of having two new (to us) sofas delivered to us. However the sofas (from the British Heart Foundation furniture shop) couldn’t fit through the low doorframe. For the past three weeks we have been, literally, camping out in our lounge with camping chairs and a single armchair.

However last week our new sofa was delivered, courtesy of another second-hand furniture shop called Waste Not Want Not in Chippenham. I blogged about this charity ages ago when setting up the Repair Cafe. They delivered the sofa very easily and we are really impressed with it.

There is a stain on one of the arms which I will try to clean using one of the many methods I have seen on Pinterest. Failing that we may purchase a sofa cover to protect it.

New (to us) sofa


It’s just so nice to be able to sit in a sofa again – although I have to say it was a lot easier hoovering the floor without one!

Sofa darning

One day I hope to be a grown up and own/buy a brand new sofa(oh who am I kidding, I really can’t see myself queuing at a DFS Boxing Day sale). In the meantime we rely on hand-me-down sofas from relatives and friends which seem to last fairly well. The latest – a purple sofa bed – has been around for a few years and is starting to show its age. We had planned to pick up a cheap sofa cover to hide the threadbare arm but this hasn’t happened. I have a bunch of friends round tonight and the shame of the tatty looking sofa has prompted me to get out the needle and thread and attempt a (very poor) patching session.

Here is the before:


And after an evening spent watching telly and darning here is the finished result:


I’m not going to win any prizes for Upholsterer of the Year and my husband did give me a rather puzzled look when he saw it, but I believe it does look better than before ….. perhaps?!