Supermarket free for Lent

It’s been a while since I took on a challenge in the blogging world. This year I’ve promised myself to only take part in those projects that I think I can complete and that I feel are really calling to me. A couple of weeks ago I had two frustrating incidents with online supermarket shopping. For a variety of reasons I have been doing a monthly online shop for the past year. I’ve felt slightly uneasy at doing this but it has just been very convenient.

But last week I came across the #supermarketfreelent challenge via Westy Writes and decided this was for me. It’s time to break the supermarket habit and re-connect with both my village stores and the wide range of independent shops in my nearby town.

Starting from the beginning of Lent on tomorrow (18th) I’m going to shop locally and independently for the next 40 days. Having recently taken delivery of a month’s worth of groceries this is a slight cheat. I will need to top up with some items, though, and will carry on with my veg and fruit boxes.

Watch this space….