What I got from the Swish

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we held a Clothes Swap/Swish. I thought it was time to show what I had picked up. For some reason I collected a lot of monochrome clothes which wasn’t my intention at all.


I really like this patterned skirt from George. Surprisingly good thick cotton and just below knee-length which is ideal for me. The black shirt has a couple of tears (managed to tear it under the arm at work yesterday!


I’ve wanted a jacket like this for ages and the crisp white shirt is from Warehouse.

Really nice black linen trousers from M&S Autograph and polka dot top which will get lots of wear this summer.



At last – a splash of colour! Green jumper from Sainsburys. Will be great when I go for the layered look and idea for Spring.

I also picked up some brown cords (not pictured) and a lovely soft lilac jumper which has since had an ‘episode’ which I will blog about soon.

So I’m pretty pleased with what I picked up and should mean I won’t have to hit the shops for a few months now.

For all you Swish addicts Jen at my make do and mend year is holding one on Friday 21st June.