Unfinished sewing….

I have a pile of half finished sewing projects.

piles of unfinished sewing

Some have been hanging around for a couple of years and others are new(ish). At present I am trying to turn these old pair of jeans into a denim skirt.

turning jeans into a skirt

It’s a very slow work in progress. I am rubbish at following instructions and prefer to learn by doing it myself. This means I invariably make mistakes, have to unpick fabric and start again. I don’t have a dedicated sewing area but, instead, work at the kitchen table. This means that at every mealtime I have to pack my equipment away. And when it’s packed away it is sometimes hard to motivate myself to get everything out and try again.

In the words of Virginia Woolf, I would like a room of my own in which to create, sew and write. (But I would still need some self-motivation to finish those sewing projects off…)

Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own

Does anyone else have unfinished piles of sewing?

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