Springtime Walk

May walk

I’ve been laid low with a rotten cold all week (and even spent a day in bed). I’m starting to feel better but struggling to catch up with everything that needs doing, and preparing for two busy weeks ahead.

With that in mind, I took myself off for an uplifting walk. Last September I walked along this lane and photographed it (see here) and it’s lovely to see the seasonal changes.

On the left is how the lane looked in September; on the right is today’s photo.


May walkcountry lane, Wiltshire









Directly below is the misty Autumn view across the valley; today’s view is underneath:

Wiltshire view in AutumnWiltshire view in May

On my September walk I had taken an image of apples growing on a tree. I’m pretty sure this is the same tree, covered in blossom:

May apple blossom

May really is a lovely time of the year. If my head wasn’t still full of cold I’m sure I could think of some appropriate adjectives….!